Sunday, February 26, 2012


SWV are BACK!!!!!!!!!! And please believe they are here to stay.. These 3 amazing 'Sisters With Voices' recently released their album ark work, to their upcoming album "I missed Us".. I missed you too girls, like for real. Album to be released on the 17th April 2012!

Omo Jada ati Will Smith!!!! (Child of Jada and Will Smith in Yoruba - lol).
I just saw this pic circulating over blackberry, twitter, facebook, blah blah you know how they stay lol.
Now, I DON'T know where to start, so I won't start....mmkay.
Willow, do your ting boo!! If you like your hairstyle, then rock it with all you have.. I've said my 2 cents. Deuce!

SPOTTED!!!! The Dream and Tulisa somewhere in the world, I think they're in LA, tbh I don't care... BUT from what I can see, Tulisa of UK group 'NDUBZ' is cooking up a hit with the #1 hitmaker maybe?
WHOOO! I AM looking forward to this (dot) com *Tamar Braxton voice*

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