Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nene Leakes in New Sitcom

Let me just firstly say... I am watching this new show!! Even though it won't be aired in the UK. *side eye*

Ms Nene Leakes popularly known from the reality show 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' and as 'Coach Roz' from 'Glee' is back again and making it rain on these hoes in her new sitcom show 'The New Normal'. 

Nene is winning left right and centre with this show, and as she would say "I'm Rich Bitch!" she's certainly not lying and 'Trump Checks' aren't the only checks that she'll be cashing this fall. 

Ms Leakes, unlike some of the other housewives is seriously going higher and higher in the industry and has used her opportunities really well to get her to where she wants to be in her career and in life. 
And I salute you for that Nene, I just love and respect this woman. 2012 is not a small year for this loud mouth lol.

Check out the trailer to the new show below, will you be watching?

*sidenote: The New Normal will be aired on NBC every Tuesdays, this Autumn/Fall.*

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