Monday, August 13, 2012

Chad head-butts Evelyn!

When TMZ had sent me my daily mail and this came up. I was confused, shocked then I laughed - in that order. I was like really?

Let me weigh in my 2 cents on this.

For those of you who don't know who Chad Ochocinco Johnson is he's a well-known NFL player. Played for the New England Patriots, and then got picked up this year for the Miami Dolphins. And as for Evelyn Lozada, she is his new wife of a couple of weeks and is featured on VH1's hit reality show 'Basketball Wives'.

I'm a huge sports fan, so I've known about Johnson for a minute and keep up to date with him a lot from when he changed his name to 'Ochocinco' and so forth. As far as I'm concerned, he's a great guy and when I heard that he had been in a relationship with Evelyn Lozada, my first initial reaction was 'Hmm'. This could be a situation.

Chad is known for his cheating ways - he's a ladies’ man, dark chocolate, tall - he has the whole package. Evelyn is a pretty face, sophisticated (when she's not throwing bottles, fighting, calling someone a 'non-mother fucking factor' etc. Which is hardly ever) and some other things – which I’d not like to state in this post. They're loving parents and blah, blah. And they're both very HOT!

Chad Johnson - mugshot and police report

According to the Police report the newly weds had a fight or argument over a receipt for a box of condoms that Evelyn found. Now if you're a frequent viewer of 'Basketball Wives' you'll remember Evelyn saying to Chad in a clip that if he's going to cheat that he should wrap it up! So why did Evelyn get her knickers in a twist? Did it not come out of her own mouth that if he ever was to sleep with another woman that he should 'wrap it up’? Maybe she never thought so early in the relationship. Okay, furthermore - according to the article on TMZ, Evelyn and Chad were in the car when they had this altercation. But Chad says they banged their heads into each other (Hilarious)... Read the rest of the article here: TMZ.

Chad was eventually released on a $2500 bail *sigh*

I've never heard or seen a police report against Chad for ever physically hitting or attacking a female, or involved in any sort of domestic violence etc, but all of a sudden he marries media whore (according to Jenifer Williams, Chad is also a media whore) foul-mouthed Evelyn and he's already getting arrested. I don't even know what to believe anymore! But I DO NOT and will NEVER support any form of Domestic Violence, Battery charge etc.

Before Evelyn: Successful career, Star player of the New England Patriots, the man that all the ladies was talking about – you get where I’m coming from right? He was basically that guy!

During Evelyn: Chad head butts Evelyn, Chad gets arrested . Chad gets dropped from the NFL team New England Patriots, gets picked up by the Miami Dolphins and then gets dropped by them in the same year. Chad and Evelyn's reality show which is meant to debut next month (September) gets pulled by VH1.

What's after Evelyn? Rehab?!

Now this is officially a sticky situation... I wonder what happens tomorrow for the both of them.

Head over to TMZ to read the rest of the articles.

Yes. I like Chad and Evelyn (sometimes) - but as TWO different people. But together... Yo!
Has Evelyn ruined Chad's name or has Chad ruined it for himself?
Discuss among yourselves.

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