Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alicia Keys: 'Girl On Fire' Tracklist

Alicia Keys took it to her twitter page to let us know the tracklist to her debut album Girl On Fire. Alicia Keys also released the video to the single Girl On Fire and it is HAWT if I must say so myself. Watch here if you haven't seen it. 

Girl On Fire drops on the 27th November this year, and surprisingly the tracklist does not feature the Girl On Fire remix with rapper Nicki Minaj. 

Hmm, I wonder what happened there. 

1. “De Novo Adagio”
2. “Brand New Me”
3. “When It’s All Over”
4. “Listen 2 Your Heart
5. “New Day”
6. “Girl on Fire
7. “Fire We Make”
8. “Tears Always Win”
9. “Not Even the King”
10. “That’s When I Know”
11. “Limitedless”
12. “One Thing”
13. “101″

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