Wednesday, October 31, 2012

D'Prince Is Here!: New Video, Music, Launches Website & More

D'Prince is here!!! 

Wow! D'Prince has just given us a lot to digest today [PAUSE!!!] new video, 3 new singles and album artwork and release date!

Omoba, who has not released any new singles in a while, since MAVIN's compiliation album Solar Plexus, with his smash hit "Take Banana".

Is D'Prince naked in this picture?

The MAVIN rockstar has also launched his own website that is looking pretty good. Check it out here. D'Prince has also released 3 new singles 'Real G' ft. M.I., 'Call Police' and 'Goody Bag' off his album 'Frenzy' which is reportedly due on the 5th November of this year. 

D'Prince - Real G ft. M.I.

D'Prince - Call Police

D'Prince - Goody Bag

D'Prince has released a new video to "Take Banana" remix. It's quite different to the original version of the song, but trust me it is still hot. The video itself is hot all round, after being shot in New York City. 

Since D'Prince cut off them dutty cornrows, got himself a new body and some tattoos, it's hard for a female to take their eyes off him! Enjoy the video. Take Banana? Lol!!

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