Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Report: Nicki Minaj Goes After Mariah Carey At American Idol Audition

Yes, you know I'll be reporting this shit after I heard about it early hours of this morning. Twitter went OFF this morning - everybody was just acting a fool on the social media site and of course, our good friends - TMZ just had to have the latest scoop. And A LOT of people on my twitter timeline seemed to be on Mariah's side (but that's my timeline - everyone's timeline is different).

Now, I cannot hear what Nicki Minaj was saying but oh boy did Nicki seem vex! And so was Mariah's fans! Just watch the video below and make your own assumptions.

In fact after watching this video just head over to TMZ to see everythang!!

  Nicki Minaj Cusses Out Mariah Carey During 'American Idol' Audition
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