Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Video: Vanessa Elisha - Home To Me

A beautiful face and a lovely voice to accompany it coming from Australian R&B singer - Vanessa Elisha. Elisha, went from "unlikely R&B star" to 2013's one to watch, her debut single 'Blur' was a huge success all over the world - with the video teaser reaching over 40,000 views alone.

Vanessa Elisha teamed up with her production partner Jrdn Gxnius, for this single entitled 'Home To Me,' - a worthy follow up; a relatable story of heartbreak and yearning for change.

With the video of 'Home to Me' officially released, and Vanessa Elisha's debut EP to follow shortly, Elisha will continue her journey as both an artist and writer, finding her audience one blog at a time. Including on my own blog!

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