Monday, April 22, 2013

New Music: Jarell Perry - Worst Enemy

For Jarell Perry, one of R&B's hottest new names, any time outside of the studio seems to be the singer-songwriter's worst enemy. 

Just a few weeks removed from his debut LP, Simple Things, Perry releases another Internet-exclusive track, dedicated to all the blogs, fans and those who have supported the recent album.

The mind-numbingly innovative song further proves the power of the hardworking crooner's soaring voice. "Worst Enemy" features marching band drums, a seductive build and self-reflecting lyrics worth building an entirely new album around, yet Perry has once again chosen to release the gem as a stand-alone track.

In addition to new music, Perry has numerous exciting collaborations and music videos on deck, as well live performances around the country as the weather gets warmer. Simple Things is worthy of celebration and the best celebrations take time.

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