Thursday, May 2, 2013

Behind The Scenes Of: Aina More's "Ja'Burata" Video Shoot

Introducing new talent and a brand new face to the UK Afrobeats scene... Aina More!

It's always exciting for me to get sent or come across new talent and Aina More being one of them. Aina More is British Nigerian female Hip-Hop artist who has released her first and brand new single "Ja'Burata" produced by Kosoro - now I'm not sure what that means, but I like the way it rolls off your tongue.

Aina More has her own style, flavour and approach to the Afrobeats music scene that is like no other female in the game right now.

Aina More also recently shot the video to her first single "Ja'Burata" she re-creates a legendary Nigerian party scenario live on the set of the video shoot, filmed on location in London - complete with classic native attire, your favourite big aunties, sexy Afrobeats dancers and a live Fuji talking drummer - all for your viewing pleasure!

Of course I've got the behind the scenes video footage as well as some images for you all to see - 2013 is a promising year for a lot of Afrobeat UK artists.

Check out the pics and behind the scenes video footage of Aina More's official video shoot to her "Ja'Burata" inside! 

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