Friday, May 24, 2013

Mobolaji of It's Just Mobolaji Features in: Black Hair Magazine

I am the most nervous person ever when it comes to my work. But someone told me that was a good thing to be nervous - it shows how passionate I am about it.

Okay, so in March the good people over at Black Hair Magazine tweeted who wants to be in their makeup masterclass. Me - who doesn't wear makeup - I replied to their tweet saying "me!", completely not knowing what it was for. After a few e-mails back and forth with Sherry of Black Hair Magazine a week later I went down to the shoot.

Please note: I thought it was a makeup workshop.. Don't ask why I thought that!

Anyways - it was set in Debenhams in Croydon, at the Black Up makeup desk (they have amazing makeup) with me and another female - Sharon where we got our makeup done for FREE! We were going to be featured in the magazine for different makeup looks, I was very excited when I found out. We even got the lipsticks that we used that day for FREE!

Long story short - we took pics for the magazine etc for the Summer issue - had fun with the makeup artists, photographer and Sherry of BHM etc. And my copy of the magazine came exactly two weeks ago (Friday). And I was super nervous to show it to the world. 

But here it is and I'm very proud of myself for being in a magazine - not just on one page, but one TWO pages! Pow! Pow! Lol. This issue of Black Hair Magazine is available on newsstands all around the UK! So if you pick it up and see me in it, give me a shout on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or wherever else you find me at!

Thanks to the people over at Black Hair Magazine for being so kind and welcoming! And also to everyone that's supported me! Hopefully a magazine cover next time? We'll wait and see... Until then! PEACE!

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  1. @MsThingie: WOow.congrats babes...I'm jealous..LOL.(Just kiddin) U deserve it jor. Enjoy jare *wink*