Monday, June 3, 2013

New Music: Baiyu & Jermaine Riley - Skip A Beat

One of my absolute favourite people to blog about is none other than the beautiful and talented Baiyu. Her voice is one of a kind, so I get excited whenever she has a new track out. With "Surface", "Cold Hearted" and "This Feeling" all in heavy rotation Baiyu has teamed up with UK R&B artist Jermaine Riley for "Skip A Beat". Jermaine Riley was formerly in the R&B group Fun*dmental who stormed the charts as a group, but has taken the solo route and has been doing extremely well as a solo artist since then!

Baiyu on a track alone is a beautiful thing to listen to, but her teaming up with Jermaine Riley for "Skip A Beat" is greatness. "Skip A Beat" was produced by Grand Staff.

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