Monday, September 15, 2014

Chris Brown Releases ‘Autumn Leaves’ ft. Kendrick Lamar and ‘Drunk Texting’ ft. Jhené Aiko

Chris Brown's ‘X’ album is officially out tomorrow and we've been more than excited to hear the songs on the LP. Two tracks that came out before the official album release were ‘Autumn Leaves’ and ‘Drunk Texting’ - which can both be heard below.

‘Autumn Leaves’ features rapper Kendrick Lamar, whilst ‘Drunk Texting’ features R&B singer Jhené Aiko - who just released her debut album ‘Souled Out’ on September 9.

‘Autumn Leaves’ and ‘Drunk Texting’ are two of the stand out tracks on the 17-track-album, here's a snippet of what else Chris Brown offers on the album - which is officially out in the UK, make sure you cop it on iTunes when it's out tomorrow across the rest of the world.

‘Autumn Leaves’ featuring Kendrick Lamar

‘Drunk Texting’ featuring Jhené Aiko

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