Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Music: Kyra - Bandages

Kyra, reveals her new record ‘Bandages’, taken from her highly anticipated debut 4 track EP of the same name.

‘Bandages’ is a song written when Kyra faced a personal tragedy back in 2012, losing her brother, who had just turned 26 to cancer. The time from diagnosis to death was just 3 months. Out of this time of sadness Kyra vented in the way she knew best, through songwriting and the ‘Bandages EP’ was born.

"Bandages was written for my brother at a time when I believed he would live. It brought him and everyone that heard it hope. Although we sadly lost him, the song still brings me comfort, and I hope it can bring other people a sense of hope." - Kyra

Co-written by Maiday and Fred Cox, the signature track taken from the ‘Bandages EP’ is a beautiful tale of comfort and hope in times of despair. 

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