Monday, August 6, 2012

New Music: Drake - Enough Said ft. Aaliyah


Drake's latest obsession with late R&B singer is getting a bit more to the left, weird! After getting Aaliyah tattoo's, earpieces etc Drake has released a new song from unreleased Aaliyah music. At least he wants to continue her legacy - so I respect that -  even though he never met her or had any contact with her whilst she was alive.

This new single from Drake featuring Aaliyah is titled 'Enough Said' which I actually quite like in a way, not so much the production and Drake's rapping - just Aaliyah's vocals - I would love to hear more unreleased Aaliyah tracks (without Drake on them).

Twitter went H A M last night when they found out that Drake released this song saying 
"the only people that should 'mess' with Aaliyah's music is Timbaland, Missy Elliott and Aaliyah's older brother" and 
"this is a huge slap in the face to Aaliyah's music team". And of course the one that made me LOL "Drake wanna be Aaliyah so bad". A lot of people felt that Drake was being 'disrespectful'.

The song was produced by Drake's producer '40', no shade to them but I just want to know why Timbaland and Missy Elliott - Aaliyah's long time friends weren't involved in the production? So low of Drake.

The Take Care singer also wants to release an Aaliyah album (-_-) Right, right. Include Timbaland and Missy before you catch more shade and hate on twitter and blogs, thanks.

Just listen to the track! And make your own decisions. 

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