Saturday, November 10, 2012

LOL!: Friday UK - Official Trailer

The UK comedians are doing it big! With an UK/African Spin on this.. It don't get NO better!

Director, Sebastian Thiel brings together UK's finest - Babatunde, TBoy (Don't Jealous Me), A Dot Comedian, KG the Comedian, Simply Andy, Kat Boyce, Dionne Reid to name a film together to do a spoof of the hit 90's film by Ice Cube - "Friday". 

Sebastian Thiel is known for doing an online short film called Illegal Activity as well as other YouTube short films for Upshot TV, he is also the founder of Upshot TV.
If you haven't watched Illegal Activity watch here.

Please believe I've watched the trailer below over 10 times, still so funny every time I watch it. 

Until there's a million views on the trailer, they will NOT show you the rest of the other clips. So therefore, I suggest you get watching and tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend!!! 
(But they're really planning on releasing a new clip every Friday).

(Please note that there will be NO full feature film - as this is just a tribute to the American movie).

Make sure you subscribe to Upshot TV's YouTube channel and watch the rest of their videos there, and behind the scenes of "Friday UK". | @sebastianthiel | @itsupshot

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