Friday, December 14, 2012

Lex Jones: Unveils The First Part of 'The Space Tourist'

For those that don't know about Lex Jones please prepare to be astonished by his work.

The 27 year old 'Cine-grime' artist, Lex Jones unveils the first part to his new four part epic 'The Space Tourist'. 

Jones' who is a wordsmith, has been making waves all around the UK and making his name known to many - he is described as 'The Lemony Snicket of Rap', as he mixes a fusion of both rap and cinematic music. 

Amazing right?! Well, there's more!

Lex Jones is planning on releasing his latest work that is sure to bring his storytelling rhymes more recognition and wider audience. Jones kicks it off with 'The Space Tourist I'.

After representing his hometown, the borough of Berkshire and winning the inaugural 'King Of The Mic' contest. He released his single 'Ever Had That Feeling' under the record label that held the contest of which he won, as well as a cash prize. Since then, the Slough rapper, has been pressing on forward and never looked back since then. Jones' has had highlights that include the remix of his track 'Stay Out of The Sun' which was played by Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1 back in March of this year.

The Space Tourist is accompanied with a short animated film of the same name, in which Lex collabrotes with German pianist and composer Hauschka. It tells the story of Mr JJ, an isolated and forgotten elderly man who has spent his entire life building a dream-fueled spaceship out of rubbish with the hope of leaving humanity behind and escaping to the moon.


Part 1 of 'The Space Tourist' series introduces Jay-Jay - with the rest of the chapters coming in the next three months. Lex Jones' long awaited project 'The Moirae' is also set to premiered during this time. 

Check out 'The Space Tourist Part 1 - Mr Jay Jay' below.


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