Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Music: Baiyu - This Feeling

Baiyu has just been blessing her fans with great music, earlier last month she released a single titled "Cold Hearted" and now she's back with "This Feeling". "This Feeling" was produced by Grand Staff and mastered by Kevin Odom.

"Recently I tweeted 'love is the only high that I've ever chased.' It is the glow that you get, akin to the comfort of being under a soft blanket' along with the exhilaration; the passion; the selflessness; the tenderness. As much as love is indescribable  the volume of words that go along with it is extremely vast. That is the high that I chase. Even if I'm just meeting someone for the first time, blood rushes to my cheeks and all I can think about is this feeling." - Baiyu

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