Wednesday, July 17, 2013

K. Michelle: Unveils ‘Rebellious Soul’ Album Cover & Tracklisting + ‘I Don't Like Me’ Video

Whilst lovers are still wining and dining each other with K. Michelles' lead single ‘V.S.O.P.’, yesterday her debut album was officially able to pre-order via iTunes. Along with that K. Michelle unveiled the album cover to ‘Rebellious Soul’ (pictured above) where she is seen holding two roses and a bouquet of roses sprinkled all around her, as she wears a black gown.

‘Rebellious Soul’ features her lead single ‘V.S.O.P.’ along with another 10 songs including ‘Can't Raise A Man’ which appeared on her mixtape ‘0 F*cks Given’

‘Rebellious Soul’ album tracklisting:
My Life
I Don't Like Me
Can't Raise A Man
Pay My Bills
It's Too Late
Hate On Her
When I Get A Man
A Mother's Prayer

If you pre-ordered her new album, you would have got a new song for free titled ‘I Don't Like Me’, and yesterday she also revealed the video for it - where she delivers a powerful performance for women with low self-esteem. And wishing that there was more to life than just meaningless sex. With only just a piano as the instrument on this song - K. Michelle still delivers with this striking song.

Join K. Michelle and Saving Our Daughters on their new campaign ‘Rebel Against’. What do you rebel against?

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