Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Warner Newman: Releases Short Film - ‘Warner’

It's no secret that Warner Newman has been through a lot since he started his music career and he portrays exactly just that in his new short film ‘Warner’.

The rapper-singer and songwriter who originally hails from New Zealand and moved to the UK a couple years ago released his debut single ‘War’ back in June of this year. Singing about his struggle that he went through

In this short film from Warner Newman, directed by Naroop - he reflects over his life, dying three times at the age of four and having to have his face rebuilt and many more things. Warner Newman takes us through this journey of his life so far, finding his way out of the darkness and stepping into the light through his music.

Warner's story is definitely a touching one, but it's amazing to see how he has grown from it and continues with his life. He doesn't let his struggle bring him down, rather than he uses it as his testimony. Love this! I hope you do too!

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