Monday, December 16, 2013

Beyoncé: ‘The Mrs. Carter World Show Tour’ 2014 European Tour Dates & Promo Video

Beyoncé shocked the world on Friday (December 13) when she released her ‘Beyoncé’ album with 14 songs accompanied with 17 videos. The album was released digitally exclusively via iTunes and will hit the shelves early next week.

Nevertheless - Beyoncé recently celebrated her 100th  ‘The Mrs. Carter World Show Tour’ concert last week as well. And she isn't stopping there, the 2013 tour ends on December 22 in New York, at the Barclay's Center. But 2014 will see Beyoncé start the world tour again kicking off in Europe. Damn, Bey!

Yoncé is on her ‘can't stop, won't stop’ Diddy vibe. She has also dropped a promo video for the ‘The Mrs. Carter World Show Tour’ 2014. Watch Beyoncé unleash in the promo video below, and check out the European tour dates! 

Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Dates 2014
February 20 — Glasgow, UK
February 23 — Birmingham, UK
February 25 — Manchester, UK
February 28 — London, UK
March 1 — London, UK
March 2 — London, UK
March 4 — London, UK
March 8 — Dublin, Ireland
March 9 — Dublin, Ireland
March 11 — Dublin, Ireland
March 15 — Cologne, Germany
March 18 — Amsterdam, Holland
March 20 — Antwerp, Belgium
March 24 — Barcelona, Spain
March 26 — Lisbon, Portugal
March 27 — Lisbon, Portugal

Tickets for ‘The Mrs. Carter World Show Tour’ 2014 went on sale today and are available from Ticketmaster.

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