Thursday, January 16, 2014

JoJo Signs Deal with Atlantic Records, (Finally) Released From Blackground!

The angels are singing! I don't know what song, but they're singing alright!

Singer JoJo has finally been released from Blackground records. For those who know, JoJo had been in a constant battle with the record label and has now been released from her contract after the long fight. After filing a lawsuit from the record label who is owned by Barry Hankerson (uncle to the late Aaliyah), in July - JoJo has finally won! At one point JoJo even revealed to the world in an interview with MaximoTV stating "I don't own my voice", that's how deep it got!

Well now, according to the good folks over at LA Times, it reports that JoJo has been released from the messy situation and has now signed to Atlantic Records (back in December 2013) - where she'll release her third studio album later this year.

JoJo's loyal fans stuck with her throughout the whole battle and even took to twitter to campaign for her release from the label. And I'm sure they're more than over the moon for her victory!

After having a bumpy 2013 - 2014 is looking up for the ‘Andre’ singer will also star in a new high school comedy titled ‘G.B.F.’ out this coming Friday in the States.

Congratulations to JoJo for WINNING! #SheWon! Great news to start 2014! Now if we could just get that music...

Read more details about the release and the new signing over at LA Times!

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