Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Teaser] - New Video: Jennifer Lopez - Same Girl

For those that thought J.Lo had lost her urban touch and roots, think again. New York native - Jennifer Lopez returns to the Bronx to shoot her new video ‘Same Girl’.

A lot of people thought that the money had changed the singer but she's back returning with a new song titled ‘Same Girl’, reminding us folks that she's still the same Jenny from the block.

Only giving us a teaser of what's to come, it's good to see Jennifer Lopez in her true form of what made us fall in love with her in the first place. Produced by Cory Rooney in collaboration with Bronx producers - Amadeus, YaBoy Chizzy and Ryan M Tedder, ‘Same Girl’ was penned by Chris Brown and Cory Rooney, and video directed by Steve Gomillion and Dennis Leupold (better known as GomillionLeupold).

The video will be premiered on American Idol - of where she's a judge, later on today (January 16, 2014). I personally can't wait to see it - seems like the old J.Lo is back, wonder how long for though..

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