Monday, February 24, 2014

New Music: WondaBoy - On Me

We fell in love with Wondaboy fairly under a year ago when he discarded his debut single ‘Before Then’ featuring Ghanaian rapper - Sarkodie.

WondaBoy hasn't released a track to top that one, but with the loyal fan base he has - whatever he does release automatically becomes a hit in their eyes. 

Stepping into 2014 with a bang WondaBoy unveil his latest material ‘One Me’, an infectious club banger laced with a hip-hop and R&B groove to it. ‘One Me’ was reportedly created less than 24 hours, after WondaBoy's most recent trip to the gold coast - Ghana, where he lined up with produced - Hype Lyrix of 3D Pyramid Records.

‘One Me’ is a song to get the bottles flowing and the party started. Has WondaBoy got another hit on his hands with this one?

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