Monday, March 10, 2014

[Watch]: ‘Who is Seyi Shay?’ Part 1 - Family, Passion for Music, and Forthcoming Album!

‘Who is Seyi Shay?’ is a question that has been on a lot of people's lips recently...

It's been a long time coming since fans got an insight to who Seyi Shay truly is. Apart from being the hottest singer out in Nigeria right now - Seyi Shay has made a name for herself in the UK, States and now in Africa and she is leaving her imprint in the music industry.

In this part 1 of 2 docu-series by JM Films, Seyi Shay opens up about her experiences growing up with family, her passion for music and what's to expect in her forthcoming album.

Seyi's debut single ‘Irawo’ was a huge hit in Africa, and her latest single ‘Ragga Ragga’ is currently making it's rounds. You just have to love Seyi Shay's artistry and hard work.

Watch part 1 to ‘Who is Seyi Shay?’ below!

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