Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[Watch]: ‘Who is Seyi Shay?’ Part 2 - Style, Embarrassing Moments, Musical Journey and Inspiration!

At the beginning of this month Seyi Shay gave us an exclusive insight to who she is with part 1 of ‘Who is Seyi Shay?’

Now the beautiful Nigerian based singer talks about embarrassing moments (which I'm sure a few artists/performers can relate to), her style - which we absolutely love and how important it is for her to feel comfortable and confident when she's off stage. Radio/DJ pioneer DJ Edu even gives her an exclusive shout out when she went to visit him on BBC Radio 1Xtra during her trip to London earlier this year.

Speaking on the inspiration behind her music - Seyi Shay mentioned that she likes making people smile, feeling good, brave, invincible and that she's inspired by peoples emotions. Seyi Shay also talks about how God is the source of her strength and working with some of the biggest artists to date - including Beyoncé, Wale and many more.

"I want to be remembered for being... Different. Free, and loving life and doing exactly what I wanted to do and being successful in it!" - Seyi Shay

Just in case if you missed part 1 of ‘Who is Seyi Shay?’ it can be watched here

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