Friday, September 12, 2014

New Music: X.O Senavoe - Oluwadele ft. Efya

Africa’s Rap King blesses us with a classic. With his long awaited and highly anticipated debut project, ‘XPoint0’, now merely days away, African rap superstar X.O Senavoe unveils his brand new single, ‘Oluwadele’, featuring award-winning soul songstress Efya.

Laced by ace producer Coptic, ‘Oluwadele’ is backed by lush horn arrangements, bass guitar and head-bopping drum patterns. The song blends X.O’s unique, entendre-filled story-telling and unparalleled metaphor-punchline combos with Efya’s beautiful melodies in the year’s most soaring hip-hop classic.

‘Oluwadele’, which translates to “God is home”, is X.O’s ode to his childhood as well as a statement to the fact that no matter how long you’re gone “home is always home”. And X.O is at his magical best delivering quotables upon quotables in his trademark fashion: “That’s foolish, Ashanti’s where they bred me, the prince of Zamunda, I came (Akeem) here with my semi (Semi), shooting Super Eagles and sonning Black Stars – Abedi Pele”. It’s hip-hop at its best. It’s Africa at its best. And it’s also – if reports are true - the last single after ‘Say It Again’ and ‘Beautiful’ to be released before ‘XPoint0’ comes upon us.

Often classed as one of the best rappers from Africa, if not the best, X.O Senavoe continues to show on this song exactly why he is among the most rated on the continent. With his seminal ‘XPoint0’ due to be released shortly, enjoy ‘Oluwadele’ featuring Efya to hold you over. Is ‘Xpoint0’ not the debut album? Wow … already.

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