Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Music: Niké Jemiyo - Dive

Niké Jemiyo has released the first single ‘Dive’ taken from her forthcoming EP, ‘Hearts Grow’.

‘Dive’ sees the multi-talented London based R&B/Soul singer, songwriter and producer, lyrically telling a moving story of hope after moments of confusion and heartbreak. Speaking on the Sam Speakman produced single, Jemiyo, comments: “it’s a fierce call to take a risk, step into the uncertainty of the deep. Whether it’s giving a relationship another chance or taking a risk to with your dream, ‘Dive’ beckons you to step out even when you’re afraid, because you know that what lies ahead is too special to ignore.”

Taking hold of every one of your senses and commanding your attention, ‘Dive’, is a glorious orchestral-led ballad, with rousing Debussy-style piano sensibilities, over which Niké Jemiyo’s soulful vocals shine through.

Niké Jemiyo’s ‘Hearts Grow’ EP is due to be released on March 16. Along with the release of ‘Dive’, Jemiyo is proud to announce a theatrical-pop live concert in April to celebrate the release of her ‘Hearts Grow’ EP, with tickets for the upcoming concert going on sale with the release of her EP. Listen to ‘Dive’ below.

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