Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Watch]: Shakka's Live Performance of ‘When Will I See You Again’

It's hard to turn a blind eye to an artist like Shakka, when they sing this good live. Damn!

Kicking off the top of the year with an amazing live performance is singer Shakka. The singer gave SBTV an exclusive performance of his latest hit single ‘When Will I See You Again’, which he does exceptionally well.

Before he kicks off his performance of ‘When Will I See You Again’, Shakka gives a brief insight to what his inspiration behind the song was, saying: “so ‘When Will I See You Again’, is a song that I wrote from a bunch of different mates of mine who went through some kind of a break up, or some kind of separation with things that they loved. And everyone keeps coming up to me saying: "Shakka, who broke your heart? Who reduced you to this emotional wreck?", and I'm like "no one, this is just a song that I wrote, that I thought a lot of people can connect to."”

Shakka, pinned the donkey on the tail with this new one, as he captured the essence of wanting to see someone again, beautifully well in ‘When Will I See You Again’. Talented to say the least! Check out this refreshing live performance of ‘When Will I See You Again’, exclusive for SBTV.

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