Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Double S Announces EP, Reveals New Solo Single ‘Do It Like Me’

London-born MC Double S has announced the release of his first solo EP, ‘Flow Farda’, since his debut in 2008, giving his fans what they've been after for years and re-establishing himself as a prominent solo musician in the grime scene.

The EP's lead track, ‘Do It Like Me’, is a pure banger; combining classic grime and eski sounds with fresh new production styles, while his vocal performance lives up to the EP's moniker of ‘Flow Farda’.

Double S's signature fast, skippy, rhythm flow is at its turbo-charged best, solidifying his fan base while also bringing heat back to his name. Set to be accompanied by a video before the full EP release, Double S is holding no bars in this blistering return to solo form since his split from Marvell.

words from official press release.

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