Thursday, May 7, 2015

Monique Releases Debut EP ‘The Gift’

Following on from the success of her well-received comeback single ‘The Gift’, Birmingham's very own singer, songwriter and producer Monique is proud to release her brand new debut EP of the same name ‘The Gift’.

Inspired by her pregnancy and the joy of embracing motherhood, which birthed its title track ‘The Gift’, Monique's new 5-track EP, in her own words, "explores the theme of time and moments in a world that moves so fast that we rarely stand in the present. There are moments that bring us face to face with ourselves and others that are willing us to take a look in the mirror. To stop and consider our course of just to simply enjoy, be thankful and content."

Hoping to leave listeners with overriding questions, "what would happen if we chose to live in the present?", "what if we dared to live without fear of  tomorrow?", "what would happen if we gave our all today?", this record is more than a creative reflection of where Monique is as an artist in 2015, it is a statement of her personal journey to self acceptance, and a call for fans and critics to stand in the present with her, even if for the eighteen minutes, it takes to listen to ‘The Gift’.

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