Saturday, June 18, 2016

Soulohlove Reveals Soulful House Debut ‘La Madrugada’

Soulohlove a new face in the music world has cooked up a soulful house creation, with her debut ‘La Madrugada’.

The new record is an introduction of what's to come from Soulohlove, as she sets to release her forthcoming EP ‘The Streets’ within a matter of months.

‘La Madrugada’ which means “the dawn” in Spanish, sets to pause reality and transport listeners into another world.

Speaking on the inspiration behind her debut, Soulohlove says “it was spring in London and it was snowing, then it was sunny - then it rained. I saw how happy the sun made people so I decided I wanted to 'bottle' that and put it into a song.” 

Soulohlove who grew up on soulful house music hails from the urban area of Brixton in South London and is versatile in her releases. “Soulful house was a love of mine growing up, especially growing up in the UK. I wanted to bring that love back.” 

It's a bit nostalgic for me when listening,she says but it's definitely a sound I want to hear more of right now. I wanted people to forget the weather, depending on your location (especially London), seasons don't often do what they say on the tin.”

Whilst the lyrics creates imagery, the infectious beat transports listeners to a summer feel no matter the weather. ‘La Madrugada’ entices listeners to forget the time and surroundings and is a definite summer sixteen playlist addition.

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