Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Music: Leona Lewis - Trouble ft. Childish Gambino

The best thing that came out of X Factor ever, Leona Lewis has released a new single... Finally!

Leona who is planning on releasing her 3rd studio album Glassheart October 12th of this year, has teamed up with American actor turned rapper Childish Gambino for this new single. Leona's album is something to look forward to as she even said recently that she's going to take up rapping. Girlfriend...

"I'm could probably go up against Nicki Minaj now. I'm actually that good, so I'm coming for you Nicki! London style MCing".

I won't even be surprised, the Islington born X Factor winner might have some tricks up her sleeve boy! You never know.

See why Leona and Childish Gambino are in "Trouble" below.

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