Friday, October 26, 2012

Chrisette Michele Rocks A New Haircut & A New Body!

Chrisette Michele is BEAUTIFUL!! And I'll keep on saying it!

Rocking a new short natural haircut in this new photo shoot and a new body. Looking very sexy and retro in these pics, earlier this week Chrisette Michele released some new music featuring rapper 2 Chainz called "Charades" listen here. A new Audrey Hepburn inspired mixtape Audio Visual Presentation: Audrey Hepburn. underway as well as a new album Better I wonder what else Chrisette Michele has in store for us.

I love this whole new look on Chrisette Michele. I'm sure her new music will just match that! 

Chrisette Michele's style in these pics are exquisite! Nothing too fancy, nothing too plain. In fact just right. A style that I hope she embraces more, as well as her new body! I hope she experiments with colour!! Looking forward to it Chrisette Michele.

The two-tone retro frames Chrisette rocks in these pics are mean!! I love them, hmm.. Maybe I shall get me a pair. Thanks to the lovely ladies over at Fashion Bomb Daily I know exactly where to get them!

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