Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lex Jones: Unveils New Project 'The Moirae Pt. 1'

Lex Jones is just THAT guy! I am falling in love with his work!
Amazing, amazing, amaaazzzzing! 

Ok so Lex Jones is back again - kicking off the new year with a bang with his new project 'The Moirae Pt.1'. Jones has been doing well for himself with his series 'The Space Tourist' mainting his form as the 'Lemony Snicket of Rap' with this new 7-track release.

Lex Jones delivers as he toblends the listening experiences of albums and audiobooks with his cinematicstory-telling.

'The Moirae Pt.1' tells the tale of a young drug dealer whose life is turned upside down by an encounter with The Moirae comet, a cosmological phenomenon that coincides with significant events and progression in humanity’s history with each of its rare orbits around Earth. The release is the first of a two-part project produced by Area Grey, who is signed to Basement Jaxx'sAtlantic Jaxx label and previously released the 'Grey Jones EP' with Lex in 2011 (available on iTunes and Spotify).

With plays on BBC Radio 1 in the last year, 27-year-old Lex will be looking to carry on his momentum with 'The Moirae Pt.1' as a growing audience awaits the experimental lyricist’s next moves.

You can stream the new EP below or download 'The Moirae Pt. 1' here

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