Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Music: J. Wesson - Big Dreams

Brooklyn's very own emcee - J.Wesson delivers his latest track 'Big Dreams'. The 1987 born rapper who was raised and currently resides in Flatbush, Brooklyn pays an ode to the three late BIGS in this Don Cannon produced track.

Prepping for his long due debut mixtape, "Lust For Greatness", Wes decribes this experience as a painstaking process, yet hope the patience is well worth it. As a college student working on his Bachelor's in Physical Education, and working part-time to support himself and his academies, Wes understands the frustrating work overload, but passion is what fuels him.

And I respect him for that! Portraying his everyday struggles and experiences that he faces/faced in his songs. Turning the negative into a positive.

With music, he explains that you can "escape the world with it and yet never leave my room. That's what powerful music does".

Stay connected with J.Wesson: @jwesson87

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