Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MoeLogo: New Music - ‘What They Want’ ft. Fuse ODG + ‘Moe Is My Name, Music Is My Logo’ EP Trailer

From ‘Pangolo’‘Mary J’ to ‘Azonto’ and ‘Antenna’ comes ‘What They Want’ from two of the biggest Afrobeat artists MoeLogo and Fusde ODG!

The UK Afrobeat artists come together one ONE song - and one of the biggest collaborations of 2013, from the forthcoming self-titled debut EP from MoeLogo.

MoeLogo calls on in-house producer Bayoz Muzik for the production of this new song, Bayoz Musik has worked with many artists in the UK such as Giggs and Example and even with international rapper Wacka Flocka Flame. Bayoz Musik brings a touch of funky house meets Afrobeats on this record.

MoeLogo's music has a lot of airplay in the UK and Africa and as he continues to rise to the top, he unveils the trailer to his forthcoming debut EP ‘Moe Is My Name, Music Is My Logo’ - which can be seen after you check out the single below!

Mista Silva, DRB LasGidi, Fuse ODG, Dee Money and more will appear on ‘Moe Is My Name, Music Is My Logo’ - out soon and supported by We Plug Good Music.

‘Moe Is My Name, Music Is My Logo’ EP Trailer:

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