Saturday, February 15, 2014

[Listen]: JoJo - ‘#LoveJo’ Mixtape

JoJo's move to Atlantic Records may be the best one she's made yet (reported here) - because this new mixtape she has put out yesterday is giving me life and then some.

A few weeks ago JoJo signed to Atlantic Records after being a messy situation with a record label for so long - that were holding her from releasing new music. Yesterday, saw the release of a new mixtape from JoJo titled ‘#LoveJo’ and it is amazing!

JoJo covers three of the best songs ever - Anita Baker's ‘Caught Up in The Rapture’, Phil Collins ‘Take Me Home’ and Kathleen Battle's ‘Oh Glory’. 

‘Glory’ will make somebody cry and take it to church in the 3 minute 57 seconds that she slayed! She probably even saved a life on that track, and she ain't even know it!

‘#LoveJo’ is available for FREE download, and is a special treat from JoJo to her fans. Let me know what your favourite cover from JoJo is.

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