Friday, February 27, 2015

Introducing Alista Marq + New Single ‘She Said’

‘She Said’ is the first 2015 release from Shoreditch based rapper, Alista Marq. Having previously worked with Nastylgia, Alista Marq teams up with the producer for a second time, to create even more great music together.

Alista Marq who is known for his records ‘Six Feet’, ‘Shoreditch’ and ‘Zodiac Killer’, gives his fans a sound from him that they're not particularly used to, an unnaturalised beat.

‘She Said’ depicts the ideology of falling in love, it's the classic ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ story knowing the person is bad for you, but you can't keep yourself away. ‘She Said’ also addresses issues that exist within sub cultures from materialism to false hopes.

Alista Marq is steadily constructing a path way for himself which will lead up to the release of his first official body of work ‘Somewhere in Shoreditch’.

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