Sunday, February 21, 2016

[Listen]: PBGR's New EP - ‘4RE PLAY’

If you weren't already familiar with PBGR, now would be a great time to do so. 

As a special gift to their fans (especially the ladies) PBGR present their first project of 2016 ‘4RE PLAY’ pronounced "foreplay". The project serves as a tease of music coming from the duo and the family individually and collectively. 

The opener ‘Don't Trip’ featuring Kieran Alleyne is solid on it's own. The track opens up the EP, and comes right before listeners get to indulge in the rest of ‘4RE PLAY’.

Moving straight into the next track ‘Neighbours (Next Door)’, starting with the voice of JSTJCK, and his unique sound that carries the song all the way through to the end, with it's catchy lyrics. Whilst Skeps Swarve and Crunch aptly deliver punchlines, metaphors and bars that they do so well.

‘Delicate inter.lude’ is just what the title embodies, the voices of Ayo Wrote, MoTheArtist and Miraa May are backed by a skittering synth and their voices and the lyrics are of course delicate to the ears of the listener.

Those are just three songs out of six that appear on EP, and sees assists from fellow PLAYBROKEGETRICH family member - Charlie Mase (as well as the other three listed above; Ayo Wrote, MoTheArtist and Miraa May). 

Cari adds to the collaborations of new friends featured on ‘4RE PLAY’ along with Kieran Alleyne and JSTJCK. 

‘4RE PLAY’ finally sees light, after being locked away for a week with the artists working tirelessly in the studio, to create something that can be 4 REPLAY. 

Trust me when I say “believe the hype” around these guys.

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