Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Music: Kane - Don't Be Shy

Kane is at the early stages of his career, but has already done big things, from releasing his debut EP ‘Dreams’, followed by featuring Sneakbo on his record ‘Turn It Up’ and sharing the stage with Tinie Tempah in Cyprus, before returning to the UK and performing with the likes of J Spades and songstress, Ashanti, at the IndigO2.

The 17-year-old gives us a preview to his debut album with ‘Don't Be Shy’. Oozing with soul and makings of a sweet R&B slow jam, Kane showcases a gorgeous vocal over a beat laden with classic guitar rifts and snares. 

The video, shot in his hometown of Tottenham, gives a sincere perspective of the singer and the song itself as the sweet vocals collides with the raw, inner-city visual surroundings. The result is that of authenticity and somehow gives a new edge to the record that you might of missed before.

Set to have a big impact on the music scene over the coming years, Kane lays down some strong foundations for what is to come, with his release of ‘Don’t Be Shy’.

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