Thursday, February 18, 2016

Soulful Duo Nicky Davey Release Music Video to ‘Been Lovin' You’

Nick Green and Dave Rosser who make up the group Nicky Davey are a pretty major pair. The rock and soul duo officially formed in 2011 carved a sound they could truly call their own, after they started out just making records together under various aliases.

‘Been Lovin' You’ is their latest track and the last track on the NOW compilation album released early February. The vibrant guitar-led song highlights the duos approach to song-writing; a strong emphasis on beauty, combined with infectious hooks. 

The video directed by Rich Yodsukar and filmed in the streets of downtown Los Angeles, captures in a light-hearted way the reality of being musicians in L.A “we live and breathe our music and are willing to do anything for it, even walk all the way down to Hollywood Boulevard. to play outside in front of people, that's just the spirit we have.”

Lead singer Nick Green's vocal production on The Internet's ‘Ego Death’ helped earn it a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

‘Been Lovin' You’ is a well composed song, Nick Green's soulful tone is pleasant to the ears of the listener. 

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