Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Video: Poni - Cold Nights

London based rapper-songwriter Poni returns to the forefront of the scene with 'Cold Nights', the first in a string of brand new releases from the multi-talented artist.

Poni who goes by the real name Marsha Bryant is an outgoing good-humoured artist who is enthusiastic with a real passion and love for music. 

Poni has worked with some of Hip-Hop’s finest, having recorded four Songs in Detroit, USA, produced by Denaun Porter and ‘Kon Artis’ of D12 (Eminem & 50Cent producer). She has also had the pleasure of working with the likes of Darius Harrison ‘Deezle’, who has also produced for Lil Wayne (including ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Mrs Officer’), E Bass, Kookie from Norway, UK’s Taz (who produced for Dizzee Rascal) plus many more. 

Her major collaborations include a song called “Easy Money” with Lil Wayne released on his Public Enemy mixtape, Chopper (from P.Diddys ‘Making the Band’), 4ize and Kanye West & Kylie Minogue Producer Tommy D on BBC 3 TV show called ‘Singing With The Enemy’.  

'Cold Night's' is a brand new street anthem from Poni, and sets the tone for what's sure to come from the brassy female lyricist in 2013.

Given the name Poni because she can “Ride Over Any Rhythm” - ride with her in the video below!

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