Friday, March 15, 2013

Avant Guard: Russell Westbrook Covers 'Complex' Magazine

I recently blogged about Basketballs very own "Fashion King" - Russell Westbrook's style and love for fashion. Now the point guard is back again on the cover of Complex Magazine, April/May issue.

Of course Complex questioned the OKC Thunder point guard on his off-court fashion and style, read what was discussed below.

On his fearless approach to fashion:
"If you think about what other people say, then you have a problem. When it comes to dressing up, a lot people are worried what others think. You just gotta go with it."

On being a non-conformist:
"I take risks, but I don't think of it that way."

On his Mother's influence on his attraction to clothes:
"That's where it all started... She used to shop for us growing up. But then it got to a point where I was so picky about my clothes that she stopped shopping for me. I had a sense of the style I gravitating to. I worked for I couldn't afford."

On fashion's finer things:
"Some people may be scared to wear something. I obviously don't care."

On wearing glasses with no lens:
"No lenses at all. It's my own flair, man. I know what looks right and what looks crazy."

On having an "eye" for what looks right:
"It's natural for me now. I don't leave the house like, 'Oh, let me get something crazy.' I just go with it and see what happens."

I definitely believe Westbrook, because his fashion flair is a one of a kind! No doubt about it

Read more over at Complex

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