Friday, March 15, 2013

Lex Jones: Unveils Part 3 & 4 Of The Space Tourist

One of the most uniquest and talented people in the music industry - Lex Jones unveils the climatic finale to 'The Space Tourist.'

The cine-grime pioneer has kept us up to date with part 1 and part 2 of 'The Space Tourist,' the four part story based on Mr Jay Jay - as well as one of his new projects - 'The Moirae Pt.1'.

In 'Part III: Dreamer's Tears', Mr Jay Jay realises his dream destination is not quite how he imagines, with the finale 'Part IV: BSG' telling of how the seemingly-resigned loner reacts to his setback. As is the case with the other parts to The Space Tourist, production is handled by German composer Mauschka, and ensures an epic conclusion to the series.

Lex Jones will release more of his projects throughout the year with his cine-grime sound, but in the meantime - watch the season finale of 'The Space Tourist'.

The Space Tourist Part III - Dreamer's Tears

The Space Tourist Part IV - BSG:

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