Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flicks: Magazine Covers Special!

Rita Ora covers Elle Magazine's "Women in Music" issue alongside the likes of Alicia Keys (which can be seen below). Ora dressed very vintage, old school Madonna with a twist of the new school in this photoshoot spread. Rita Ora spoke with Elle Magazine on music, Jay-Z, the Spice Girls and more. Read below:

On her childhood idols, the Spice Girls:
"I just remember watching them - not even meeting them - and I was completely mesmerized. It feels great to meet someone who is not human, but is."

On meeting Jay-Z in 2009 after her 'big break':
"I didn't think in a million years that I'd fly to New York to meet one of the biggest music moguls of our time."

On not allowing her label dictate her music:
"That should never be allowed! It's like somebody telling you what to sing."

On her Marchesa MTV EMA dress:
"I went up to [Marchesa designer - Georgina Chapman] and said 'Hi, I'm Rita. Nice to meet you. I need to wear your dress.' She was like, 'What dress?' They've got 10 million dresses. I said, 'Look, I have your dress as the screen saver on my phone. This red dress needs to be on my body.'"

With her new album coming out - Ciara graces the cover of UK magazine - NOTION. Ciara revealed the photo via her Instagram page - looking very high fashioned. The digital magazine issue is still yet to be released via Notion.

Wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier dress on the cover of Elle Magazine - Alicia Keys posted this photo on her Facebook page as one of the "Women in Music". Above is Rita Ora who also graces the cover. A highlight from the interview with Alicia Keys - she spoke on her approach to music, saying:
"There's not one thing about Girl on Fire that's like any of my others. I'm in a totally new state of mind... This album is like saying I am who I am, not who you want me to be."

Nice one Alicia Keys. I like that statement from you!

If it isn't Mr Joe Budden - one of the funniest slicked spoken guys on reality TV today. After having a kerfuffle with cast member - Consequence on the reunion of Love and Hip Hop: New York, Joe Budden gets suited and booted for the cover of Bleu Magazine. Budden speaks on his drug-use, Love and Hip Hop, and on being open.

On his drug use:
"I was popping Mollys all summer. When I was doing it, I hadn't slept in five days. It has a lot of side effects, a lot of side effects,"

On joining the cast of Love and Hip-Hop:
"Everything Joe Budden related is transparent; every bar, every verse is transparent. Now you're just getting a picture to go along with it. Any time I can broaden awareness, I have nothing to hide."

On being so open and candid:
"I try not live with regret, as long as you live with them you'll die with them."

Big Boi will kick off his "Shoes for Running" tour in the States today, but before that - the rapper graces the second edition of the men's issue of BE Magazine.

Big Boi is definitely one of the coolest and most down to earth artists out right now, picking out highlights from his interview - Big Boi spoke on how it feels to kick off his "shoes for running" tour as well as why he chose to start his foundation - Big Kidz.

On how it feels to kick off his "Shoes For Running" Tour:
"To play your music in front of fans that love it, it's the best feeling in the world. Just jamming out with all the walks of life."

On why he chose to begin a kids foundation:
"Easier to mold a young mind than to repair an old one..."

Wow. What a statement. Makes you think doesn't it?

Well, well, well... If it isn't Ms Olivia Pope. If you watch Scandal you'll know what I'm talking about.
Kerry Washington - as we all prepare for the season finale of season 2's Scandal, the beautiful Kerry Washington features in Fashion magazine - InStyle Magazine. Washington's spread is titled 'Notice a Pattern?' which we sure do - wearing all sorts of prints and looking very classy and showing off some legs. Kerry Washington brings Spring to life through her clothing, vibrant looks, beautiful body and smile. Peep the rest of the pics below.

Rita Ora/Elle | Ciara/Notion | Alicia Keys/Elle | Joe Budden/Bleu | Big Boi/BE | Kerry Washington/Instyle

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