Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Videos: Beyoncé - ‘Drunk In Love’ ft. Jay-Z + ‘XO’

We like Beyoncé "drunk in love" with her hubby Jay-Z! Yummy stuff!
Earlier this week - it was announced that her visual album had sold over 828,000 units and entered the top charts in over 100 countries, still with no hardcopy release, and in honour of that - she released the videos to ‘Drunk In Love’ ft. Jay-Z and ‘XO’.
Since then her album has sold over 1million via iTunes and has been released in stores worldwide for everyone to enjoy. And Beyoncé is surely enjoying the rewards of her labour.
Giving us a bit of sexy and gangsta in the black and white visuals on the beach, Baddie Bey shows us what it's like to be drunk in love as she enjoys life with her husband Jay-Z; who also features on the song. The raunchy lyrics get a subtle video directed by Hype-Williams. Watch the video to ‘Drunk In Love’ as well as ‘XO’ both seen below.
‘Drunk In Love’ ft. Jay-Z


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