Friday, October 31, 2014

Michael Gadiva Freestyles to Joey Bada$$'s ‘Christ Conscious’ in Episode 3 of ‘Damn... She Got Bars’

With the first two installments of ‘Damn... She Got Bars’ making it's rounds online and currently has people intrigued as to who Michael Gadiva is; the rapper is back with episode three of ‘Damn... She Got Bars’.

Having previously covered Jay Z's ‘Tom Ford’ in episode 1 and the Clipse ‘Grindin'’ in episode 2, Gadiva switches things up a bit by freestyling to a nu-skool rap artist - Joey Bada$$'s song ‘Christ Conscious’, and once again she kills it.

Gadiva's personality shines through in this new episode of her bi-weekly mixtape series, and has viewers engaged from the start. Check out what she delivers in episode 3 of ‘Damn... She Got Bars’

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