Monday, February 9, 2015

New Music: PBGR - Four Seasons ft. Mike Bagz & Charlie Mase

“Mama se, Mama sa, Mama said see son
Everybody gonna have their season

Crunch and Skep/Swarve Sutton who make up the UK rap group PBGR, cemented their feet in the UK rap industry in 2014 with their debut album ‘The Black Market’

Released late summer of last year, PBGR received critical feedback for their amazing body of work, which gained them a whole new set of fans, on top of the ones they already had, in such a short space of time.

The East London hailing duo, enlist their fellow label mates, Mike Bagz and Charlie Mase of the Play Broke Get Rich Movement, to feature on their latest offering ‘Four Seasons’, their first record of 2015.

‘Four Seasons’ sees Crunch and Skep take on an eclectic sound, but stay true to themselves where they stay in touch with reality, offering a relatable account of their version of events to listeners. The new track: a positive and upbeat vibe, allows listeners to engage with the idea of patiently waiting for their ‘season’ and knowing when it's your time to lead

Produced by UV x TK (with additional production from JC IEINEI & DC), the track is centered on the journey that may gift you success at any given moment. The rappers use heir own individual styles to convey this.

Once again PBGR show off their exceptional writing skills and lyrical ability in ‘Four Seasons’,  which sets the standard of music we can expect from PBGR throughout this year.

‘Four Seasons’ follows up from the release of their surprise track ‘Humble Pie’, which they released at the end of 2014.

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