Monday, February 29, 2016

New Music: K. Michelle - Time

Time is precious and K. Michelle highlights just that in her new single ‘Time’.

‘Time’ is the fourth single from the album and follows behind ‘Ain't You’, ‘Mindful’, and the first single ‘Not A Little Bit’ released in January.

K. Michelle plans on showing her musical diversity with her new album ‘More Issues Than Vogue’, the album will be compiled of tracks ranging from country, dance and urban music.

In an interview with Billboard, K. Michelle revealed that she did not want to have an “urban” album and wanted to take on different sounds.

“I want to be able to sing what I want, if I want to be able to sing country, I want to be able to show that. I want to be able to sing ballads that touch the world and not just one demographic. I'm just not going to be told that because I'm black, I have to do this anymore.”

‘More Issues Than Vogue’ eyes a March 25th release via Atlantic Records.

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