Monday, November 3, 2014

#ClapBackSeason: Chris Brown Comes for Tamar Braxton & Adrienne Bailon on Instagram. Tamar Responds, So Does Karrueche

It must be tough being a celebrity, and your relationship is in the public eye.

*ding ding* Monday night raw ratchetness officially commenced about three hours ago on Instagram, and if you missed it - read the highlights of what went down, with who, what was said and why. And trust me when I say - there was plenty of reading going on, and shade being thrown. 

Singer Chris Brown took to his Instagram page to drag 'The Real' hosts - Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon through the mud after they talked about him allegedly cheating, and they also had a mouthful to say about his girlfriend - Karrueche Tran (clip can be seen below) in a segment they call "Mind Yo' Business" (oh the irony). 

Not one to hold back Chris Brown let them know what was on his mind and even called Adrienne a "trout mouth b-tch" and Tamar (who was actually defending him) "the ugly sister". Read what Chris Brown wrote on his Instagram below, he deleted it shortly after. 

Chris Brown's post:

Within an hour of Chris Brown having the internet buzzing with his response, Tamar Braxton also took to her Instagram page and clapped back at Breezy, challenging Karrueche Tran to "speak up for herself" - and shocking us all; she rightfully did so with a classy response. Which had Tamar respond (no surprise there) with her posting a video and spelling Karrueche's name incorrectly, this automatically set a few people off calling Tamar "immature" for spelling Karrueche's name wrong.

Read Tamar and Karrueche's responses when you click "read more" below, and watch what triggered the whole Instagram blow out.

Tamar's response to Chris Brown's post:

Karrueche's response to Tamar's post:

Tamar just has to have the last word, read her response to Karrueche:

Lawd!!! It's just a mess. They keep going back and forth like a game of Tennis. Vincent Herbert soon put Tamar on social media punishment, and Instagram soon delete the rest of their pages for them. They all need a break from social media to be honest.

Instagram just seemed like a mosh pit and had every one and their mommas' jumping in and giving their 2 cents on the matter. Now, I ain't going to say my opinion on the whole thing - but please let me know what you think.

'The Real' talk "Mind Yo' Business"

Did Chris Brown take it too far with his response? Or were Adrienne and Tamar wrong for talking about his relationship on national TV?

I know Wendy Williams is gonna have a kick at this on her TV show tomorrow, and The Breakfast Club. I cannot wait to hear their verdicts on these clap backs. Rob Kardashian is somewhere laughing his azz off! Clap back season is in full affect, I think there's something in the water that these people use to bathe themselves.

Instagram: chrisbrownofficial/tamarbraxtonher/karrueche

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